My mind sounds different today.

Amidst the regular numbness of incomplete to-do lists and song snippets, it still sounds different today.

Juggling between yearning for warmth and pushing for solitude, it beats different today.

Condemning the idiots, it melts me a little today.

The mass grey, the negligent normal, the heightened misery, it looks different today.

The usual emptiness, it gradually deepens to pave for a larger cause today.

Browsing through past memories, it finds something a little different today.

It finds apathy, an illogical sense of importance. It finds gratitude in the most meagre conversations. It finds security in what used to be, dearth. It finds a need to give, ironically, especially when the loss is paramount.

It finds love slowly knocking the door, holding its arms out, asking for more.